DUNAVPLAST KORP D.O.O. has been founded in 1982. and it is a complete family-owned, privately held business. We are a leading company in the production and trade of medical devices in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and also a leader and biggest manufactor of Sharps Containers, not only in Republic of Serbia, but in wide region as well.

The majority of users of these products are laboratories, health centers, hospitals, clinical centers, institutes, institutes, as well as pharmacies and pharmaceutical, food, chemicals industry and many others.

Many years of experience have established a quality policy that is aimed at providing products to all interested clients/customers at competitive prices while respecting high standards in terms of quality and delivery speed.

Our production site contains of 1 500 m² indoor space ,2 800 m² with open space. Additional 2 800 m² is provided for expanding of production site and increasing production capacites. In total Dunavplast korp d.o.o. is located on 5 600 m² on its own space.

The business is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of good manufacturing practice, as well as all positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia. Also, the business is in line with ISO standards, which establishes an integrated management system:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 (SRPS ISO 9001: 2015) – Quality management system,
  • ISO 13485: 2016 (SRPS ISO 13485: 2016) – Quality management system for the development and production of medical devices,
  • ISO 14001: 2015 (SRPS ISO 14001: 2005) – Environmental protection system,
  • OHSAS 18001: 2008 (SRPS OHSAS 18001: 2008) – Occupational Health and Safety Management System,
  • ISO 23907-1:2019 – Sharps Injury Protection, Single-Use Sharps Containers

Most of the products are CE marked.

The certification was performed by the well known certification german company DQS, which is member of largest sertification network IQNet.

DUNAVPLAST KORP D.O.O. is focused on continuous modernization of equipment, expanding product range and increasing customer satisfaction. We offer top quality products and competitive prices.

First part, most of the production program, has been classified by the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Serbia in 4 classes:

  • Class I (category 05 – hospital, apparatus equipment, category 10 – disposable medical devices, category 11 – technical facilities for handicapped persons),
  • Class Is (Category 10 – Disposable medical devices),
  • Class Im (category 10 – disposable medical devices),
  • Class the rest (category 06 – “In vitro” diagnostic medical devices).


In addition to registration in the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Serbia, the products are registered in the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Montenegro and the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Current focus is  on production of sharps containers. We have developed a very wide range of this products and in short time became a biggest manufacturer and leader in our country, and region, as well. We can offer standard and customized products. Also in our offer you can find plastic bags for different types of waste. All products are UN approved, and produced in conformity to ISO 23907-1:2019 – Sharps Injury Protecton.

Our products are also present on markets of Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo. Surely we are open for new cooperations and looking forward to long and fruithfull business relationships.