DUNAVPLAST KORP D.O.O. is a leading company in the production and trade of medical devices in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The company was founded in 1982. The majority of users of these products are laboratories, health centers, hospitals, clinics, institutes and pharmacies etc.

Our products are used in the healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

The second part of the DUNAVPLAST KORP D.O.O. production program relates to the production and sale of medical waste disposal containers treated in autoclaves by types: infectious, chemical and pharmaceutical, cytotoxic and pathoanatomical with UN3291/ADR approval and compliant with the  standard ISO 23907-1:2019 – Protection from injuries, Containers for sharp objects.

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Provide products to all interested customers /byers at competitive prices, respecting high standards in terms of quality.


Dunavplast korp d.o.o. as a leader in terms of product quality and service delivery, reliability and cooperation in the domestic and market countries of the surrounding countries. Staying recognizable by quality, best service and a wide range of products.

Quality policy

The business is conducted in accordance with the guidelines of good manufacturing practice as well as all positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia. Business is compliant with ISO standards.

The standards we have implemented

The business is in line with ISO standards, which establishes an integrated management system:

Production process, process

In addition to our product range, we are always open for cooperation, development and production of new products at the request of the buyer. At the request of the buyer or on the basis of our own market examination, we approach the design of the design solution or project for the requested product.

  • Urine sample cupsnaslovnica / Posude za urin

  • Rectal and vaginal irrigation kitsIrigatori / naslovnica

  • Faeces sample cupsnaslovnica / Posuda za feces

  • Sample cupsnaslovnica / Posude za uzorkovanje

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